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The construction industry carries an enormous responsibility to deliver products that effectively serve as the backbone of functioning, sustainable societies. This industry and its output are essential by every measure. And regardless of the times, construction pros are tasked with delivering more, faster, better and cheaper – while ensuring and improving worker safety and compliance amidst evolving regulatory guidance. Through a challenging year, it has been inspiring and exciting to see construction industry leaders adopt innovation at a faster pace than ever before, turning to technology to help solve problems. As we look ahead to 2021, critical themes in construction include: (1) ensuring jobsite and worker safety, (2) managing changing rules and regulations, and (3) improving transparency and collaboration among construction stakeholders. Ironspring is incredibly motivated to play our part and support the exemplary leaders making this digital transformation possible.

As we landscaped the industry, it became clear that John Naughton, CEO of GoContractor, was one of these exceptional innovators. We naturally gravitated towards John, a values-based leader with deep domain expertise. Notably, he has steered an incredible success story for Ireland’s construction workforce. In March 2020, the Irish government announced that construction projects would cease operations until further notice. At the same time, the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) of Ireland and GoContractor strategized how they could get the construction industry back up to speed via worker-focused, digital solutions. Through the ensuing partnership, the entire Irish construction workforce of ~250,000 professionals utilized GoContractor’s platform to complete a joint COVID safety certification program in accordance with new health and safety regulatory changes. Because of this effort, the Irish construction industry was first in line to get back to work during the pandemic, and to this day, over 1,000 workers complete this COVID training every week.

We are thrilled to partner with GoContractor and co-lead their $5M Series A fundraise with Building Ventures. GoContractor is a leader in the digitization of construction worker onboarding and compliance tracking. Its core mission is to solve efficiency and safety problems for companies at the worker level. The team understands that workers are a construction company’s biggest asset, and that the industry is paralyzed if workers cannot get onto projects. The company has played a critical role in getting the construction industry back to work and is expanding its presence in the U.S. and Europe as a part of this round. We look forward to helping GoContractor reach its grand vision, one jobsite at a time.

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